Information Disclosure

Metalloinvest implements measures to improve its information disclosure procedures. Winning the trust of the investment community is ultimate objective of the Company’s push towards greater transparency. This objective is met through timely disclosure of information regarding:

  • the Company’s operational and financial performance;
  • the Company’s strategic goals;
  • key corporate events that take place between publications of periodic reports and that are subject to mandatory disclosure;
  • the members of the Board of Directors, including their qualifications and the Board’s opinion regarding their independence;
  • Company executives and other stakeholders;
  • the Company’s policy on environmental protection, personnel, and social activities.

In 2014, Metalloinvest continued its efforts to cut the time required for collection of financial information and to increase the quantity of information disclosed in line with the Company’s focus on enhancement of transparency.

Metalloinvest participates in international conferences organised by investment banks and arranges investors events, including non-deal road shows and the annual Investor Day, continuously developing the base of existing and potential investors. Many investors and analysts are given the opportunity to visit the Company’s production assets.

In June and September 2014, Metalloinvest continued its practice of giving investors and analysts access to the Company’s operational sites by arranging visits to Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK.

In February 2015, Metalloinvest upgraded its corporate website ( The latest multimedia and new techniques that are used on the new site will help to considerably raise the awareness of the Company and its activities among its stakeholders. In 2015, the Company’s corporate website won an award at the 3rd annual Digital Communications AWARDS in the “Digital platform: B2B corporate website” category.

As a result of the Company’s efforts to promote open dialogue with investors and analysts, the investment community is becoming increasingly interested in the Company.


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